This GDPR tracker offers you a unique overview and insight into national legislation EEA (European Economic Area) Member States have adopted to implement the GDPR. Though the GDPR is an EU regulation (therefore directly applicable in all EEA Member States), some of its provisions allow for Member State implementation, such as specific restrictions of an individual’s rights or national deviations for the processing of employment data. While the GDPR was adopted to further harmonize the data protection framework across the EEA, it appears now that most Member States take the opportunity to adopt deviating legislation which would—again—give rise to a rather dispersed legislative framework.

To help you track key differences between local legislation, we have summarized all local legislative provisions that either deviate from the GDPR (“additional requirement”) or specify the GDPR (“specifying requirement”). This will allow you to get a first grasp of how implementation diverges across Europe and adopt a strategy accordingly. This tracker in no way claims to be exhaustive but rather aims to show you the most important red flags in certain jurisdictions.

We have structured the tracker in two different ways to meet different needs. This “EEA MAP” tab offers you a visual overview of all countries; clicking on a country guides you to a country-specific page where relevant information can be found. When viewing on smaller screens (mobile devices), we recommend clicking on the “GDPR – TRACKER” tab, which includes a more structural overview of all countries and guides you to the same country-specific page by clicking on a country’s flag. The tabs “RESOURCES & WEBINARS” and “BLOG” will take you to other Alston & Bird GDPR initiatives that provide more in-depth insight into specific topics, such as detailed articles on Member State legislation or blog posts on guidelines published by WP29.

Not all Member States have adopted implementing legislation—most legislation is still in the “draft” stage. To accommodate this ongoing legislative process, we offer you the option to subscribe to our TRACKER.